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Guidelines for Safe Splashing this Summer

May 31, 2018



We can all agree that summer holidays are some of the most relaxing parts of the year, which is why we've compiled a list of things to be aware of to ensure your getaway goes to plan!


At the poolside:


• Always ensure that an adult is supervising your child whenever they are in the pool.

• Only let your child swim at depths they have had experience swimming in before.

• Running at a poolside can be dangerous, so it's best avoided.

• Make sure to reapply suncream after swimming, nobody wants a nasty burn!


On the beach:


• Be mindful of rising tides and never swim near piers as quick changes in current could cause an injury.

• Wear sandals or jelly shoes at the shore if the beach is rocky or has lots of sharp shells.

• Look for any flags flying on the beach and find out their meaning.

• Check for a lifeguard before swimming in the sea and again, ensure that adult supervision is present for any swimming children.


At the waterpark:


• Pay attention to the rules of the waterpark, their purpose is the safety of visitors!

• Ride with your child where possible if it makes them feel more comfortable.

• Ensure everyone feels comfortable with the slide before queuing.


At the lake:


• The safest option is to not swim in lakes as they have sharp rocks and lots of germs.

• Only swim if the depth of the water is known.

• Make sure to wear life jackets when on a boat.


We at MD Sport Solutions wish you a happy and safe summer holiday!

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Guidelines for Safe Splashing this Summer

May 31, 2018

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